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Everyday Things, Are My Favorite Things.


Hi, I'm AJ.  And, I’m a self-taught photographer. You could call me a passionate hobbyist, who got hooked on the art form just a few years ago while capturing the beauty of everyday places and things in Northern California.

My immense love for photography has grown to include just about anything under the sun, but my heart still beats faster when I find a hidden gem or an unusual treasure off the beaten path. These are things that might appear ordinary or are simply too small to stand out. I’m driven to capture these moments in time, these delicacies of light, and feed them to the world! They fill up my soul and brighten up my life - it’s that simple!

Music is another of my passions and I bring it up, because it’s the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. As a child, my Father inspired me with his captivating guitar playing skills - we often engaged in jam sessions, where I would sing my heart out. Today, as a woman of a certain age, I still sing to lift my spirits. But, I needed a creative outlet that would allow me to share my inner voice another way. Photography came to me rather circuitously. An avid gardener, I loved to share tips on growing plants and flowers. I started sharing pictures of my garden and giving advice in online communities. Soon the moment arrived, when photography became the priority and gardening took a back seat! These days I combine my two passions, music and photography, to express my thoughts and feelings to the fullest extent. Photography is my visual voice. I’m really a storyteller, and the stories I share through my images and my songs come from the heart. My hope is that my photography and stories resonate with others, in some special way.


It's awesome that you stopped by to take a look at my work ~ if you see anything you would like to purchase, just drop me a line. I'm in the process of offering fine art prints and fine art framing and am glad to assist in getting your order placed. Please contact me by email with any questions or comments. Simply go to the "Contact" tab, send your email and I'll get back to you promptly.



~ Recipient of multiple Honorable Mentions at the prestigious 2015 and 2016 IPA Awards Competition  ~

"Up, Up and Away"  (click to see image)

"Ballerina Slippers" (click to see image)

"Puffed Up" (click to see image)

"Her Eyes" (click to see image)

"Essence"  (click to see image)

"Her 90 Years"  (click to see image)


INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION IN THE NETHERLANDS, Stadsmuseum Harderwijk, 2015 and 2016 (World Best Top Photographer Association) 

~Featured images ~

"Up, Up and Away"  (click to see image)

"Her Eyes"  (click to see image)

PUBLISHED WORK (Capture Mania Magazine)

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