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Everyday Things, Are My Favorite Things.


Everyday things, are my favorite things.

As a photographer, I'm challenged by the limitless choices for subjects to capture through my lens. Ranging from everything wondrous the world can offer, to the subtle and often ignored, the inspiration comes from all directions. For example, beauty can be found in the obvious, like silky waterfalls, dramatic sunsets or beautiful beaches. Personally, I often revel in the common, perhaps even forgettable things - a rusty bolt, an old door and its glorious peeling paint, a shriveled Autumn leaf, intoxicating lines, shapes or textures found in alleyway shadows or the delicate petal of a flower. There's beauty in just about anything, if you're looking for it.

Serendipitous photographs can also make me smile! While I have a great respect for preparation, I’m quite fond of the fortuitous moments I capture - it pays to be in the right place at the right time. In many instances, these images will remain in my archives of unprocessed images undiscovered, until much time has passed. When they finally do come to my attention, I treasure them, and consider them to be just as valuable as any other work I have done.

Unleashing the hidden beauty or especially intriguing shapes found in the ordinary is a passion. My heart beats faster when I find a hidden gem or an unusual scene off the beaten path. I'm compelled to capture these moments in time - these delicacies of light - and feed them to the world! My goal is to inspire people in the same way. To get folks to "see" through a different pair of eyes, and to realize that by “focusing with purpose”, interesting things can be found anywhere at any time. The world isn't limited to exotic themes and fancy subject matter … it’s filled with extraordinary everyday things … my favorite things.


It's awesome that you stopped by to take a look at my work. If you see anything you would like to purchase, just drop me a line. I'm in the process of offering fine art prints and fine art framing and am glad to assist in getting your order placed. Please contact me by email with any questions or comments. Simply go to the "Contact" tab, send your email and I'll get back to you promptly.


*Best in Category, Black and White/Toned, Visions Juried Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 2017

*Awards of Merit, California State Fair, Fine Art Competition & Exhibition, 2017

*Honorable Mentions, IPA (International Photography Awards) Annual Competition, 2017, 2016, 2015 

*Honorable Mentions, Monochrome Awards (Annual International Black & White Photography Contest) 2016        


* Visions, Annual Juried Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmichael, California, 2017

*California State Fair, Fine Art Exhibition, Sacramento, California, 2017

*Visions, Annual Juried Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmichael, California, 2016

* BTP International Group Exhibition , Stadsmuseum in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, 2016

* BTP International Group Exhibition , Stadsmuseum in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, 2015


* BTP Photography Hardcover Book, Artists from Around the World, 2016, pages 26 - 29

* BTP Photography Magazine, Exhibition 2016 Special, November 2016, page 66

* Capture Mania Photography Magazine, April 2016, pages 19 - 21

PUBLISHED WORK (Capture Mania Magazine)

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